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A Wonderful World Indeed


Hello Possums!

Just a quickie today, apologies for the lack of podcast-based audio entertainment this week, ridiculous amounts of revision. For those of you around King's College on the evening of the 31st head up to Tutu's and see Hot Chip, my band of the week, check out their MySpace, I thoroughly recommend Boy From School for your listening pleasure.


What a wonderful world


What a wonderful world, what wonderful friends. Yes that's right, even YOU have people that care about you. On next week's show Fionn Craig entertains us with news of a love tunnel and I talk about my new wonderful friend Katy Moon. Until then, dear listener, you must content yourself with pictures of me looking drunk with Ms. Moon.

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Viva Brian Haw, Viva Xfm !


Dear listeners, as some of you may know, the breakfast radio show that always gets my vote is the Xfm Breakfast show with lovely Lauren Laverne (listen in London @ 104.9FM) Mrs. Laverne has recently started a campaign to find London village's favorite Street hero, those people on London's streets who we like and/or fear for their talking and being opinionated and/or loud to the people of our fair city. Following an email from myself to Xfm, the London Village Show received a mighty on-air shout out at breakfast time this morning and it is my hope that all of you good people will make it your business to contact Xfm with your support for Mr. Haw as a hero of London's streets, find a contact form for Lauren on the Xfm breakfast show webpage

As some of you are doubtless aware, Brian was once again the target of Police action in the early hours of yesterday morning, read all about it at the BBC's news pages. Read about Brian's protest and the latest events at his pages on Brain's website

If you want to know why the London Village Show cares about Brain Haw's protest, please take the time to listen to him speaking on our show earlier this week. Links to the Podcast can be seen on the right hand side of the website or in the post below.

Finally from Brian's website

The group of supporters who were staying with Brian had most of their belongings taken away by the police. If you can help out with any of the following items, please take them down to the Square:

sleeping bags and blankets
Nokia phone charger
car battery and 12v lead with crocodile clips and waterproof box to hold it.

That's all from me for now. D

The Smallest Worm will Turn, Being Trodden on (in London)


Act 1 Scene 3

George and Dan are humbled by firstly themselves and then another. This weeks show belongs to a man whose story will last longer than Dan and George’s. Brian Haw. We don’t mention Jett Loe for the first time ever.

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Friends, listeners, voyeurs, it has been a busy week here at the LVS show. This blog being the window into my soul that it surely is, expect the usual soul less wondering, but with a few distractions. So here we go.

London a soul less place, so stuffed full of human life that the only way to really get by without your head exploding with worry about the terrorist next door or the crazy man eating tramps, is to not care. So seeing someone who does really take a genuine interest in the well being in people policy and society is, well, slightly disconcerting, morally humbling.

"Here's to the crazy ones. The misfits, The rebels. The Trouble-makers. The round heads in the square holes. The ones who see things differently. They're not fond of rules, and they have no respect for the status-quo. You can quote them, disagree with them, glorify, or vilify them, but the only thing you can't do is to ignore them, Because they change things. They push the human race forward. And while some may see them as the crazy ones, we see genius. Because the people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world, are the ones who do." Jack Kerouac, 'On the Road'

No if you think I've gone a little mad, and you don't know who that guy is with me, you're just going to have
to wait a little bit longer for the next exciting edition of the London Village Show.

In other news, I turned 21. Thanks for the love so far. To celebrate (in low key and secret style) I went for a few quite drinks at the local Columbian bar. It was fun. I enjoyed myself. Thanks. More on this weeks show. Until next time friends, stay safe.

Am I the only person in the country not using Myspace ?


Bit busy revising today and can't seem to stop procrastinating. So on that theme I thought I'd send a cheery hello into the ether to see if any dear readers/listeners are reading/existing. I have seven exams this year, three finished already and they're starting to piss me off, if anyone knows of any useful exam-related group therapy that would be nice. Next episode should be appearing in next day or so, just as soon as George and I find a few minutes between learning. Speaking of George, thought I'd take this opportunity to say a quick happy birthday, sorry you spent it revising.

This is home for me when I'm not in London ... Going back reminds me that there are some places where time literally stands still, very relaxing when London Village gets a bit much.

Right! I'm off to go and read all there is to know about immunobiology ... my fave

If time; check out - they're really great.


Max's Chair Racing goes GLOBAL


It seems that LVS and Max has started a craze. Chair racing will be featuring at the London 2012 Olymipics right here where it started. The best of the rest can be seen below: These girls just don't understand what chair racing all about, no sence of fair play at all.

Going international now, this Chair race proves once and for all that a) the Americans really don't know when to stop, maybe because they have no shame.

None however, can beat Max's amazing effort.

In what I going to call a 'break' from revision, my mind turns to the summer gap. The massive 4 month hole in study that oft leaves me betwixt and between things to do. Now I am the annoying type of chap who, when given the merest provocation, will clench my fists, push out my chin high into the air and proclaim my intention to "change the world" - make it a better place for you and for me and the entire human race etc. Normally, with a Withnail finesse, I squander any opportunity to do this. This summer then, chance to buck the trend. To make a mark. To begin climbing the ladder to the top - where ever the top should take me.

An internship this summer! No. The thought of cramped sweaty offices, getting my hands dirtied with the filth and skullduggery of business, not for me. Not yet at least , maybe I will come crawling back when I want a 'real' job to pay for 'important things' such as a house, or mail order bride - I digress.

This summer why not take advantage of London Village being the centre of the world, and work for your MP or a think tank. Feel the power pulsing through Whitehall, get lost in the maze that is Westminster Palace, most importantly, change the world.

A very useful starting place is the Interns' Network, they send a out a weekly news boost directly to your emailer, sign up for that and get ahead of the madding crowd. Quite frankly they steal most of there content from (cunning - Work For MP, smug little so and so with such a clever name) but a very good site and packed full of opportunities for you.

Which MP to work for, beggars can't be choosers, but don't get stuck working for a gimp, get the low down on your, or any other current MP at

Enough - back to learning/revising the UN charter.

Jett Loe's new LTA episode will be published this evening. I for one can't wait.

WoW Dan


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Act 1, Scene 2 - George and Dan decide once again that this is the real first show and examine outsiders' views of their fair city. Ken Livingstone also manages to cause a stir in the LVS studio and Dan takes time to tell us all about Bedford.

Download Act 1 Sc. 2


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Act two of the biggest show is coming...


Evenin' all. For those interested the next episode of the london village show will be completed and ready for your downloading pleasure at some point this Thursday evening (or Friday morning). We would have attempted Wednesday but both George and I are suffering from exam-related stress. Don't forget to keep contacting us with issues you'd like us to bring up on the show (including your questions for Ken Livingstone ... We will get that interview) and anything of interest (gigs, shows etc) you think it would be worth us mentioning or just say hello at D

To Much Work and Failure


Not enough fun and silly on this site. See my friend Max Parsonson chair racing around my house in Winchester

Good night, good night! Parting is such sweet sorrow


Henshaw Street where I live, bathed in darkness or a kind.

But parting? what news is this? Find out in next weeks edifing editon of the London Village Show... Posted by Picasa

Something is Rotten in the State of London


Act One - George and Dan take a trip on the London Underground and
George's coat is the victim of a tragic taxi-related accident. Fun,
frolics and an incredible journey with the dynamic duo through the
heart of the greatest city civilisation has ever known.

Download Act One
Subscirbe with iTunes

Photos of Act One


George buys a pen...

George pre-coat fracas

The Barbican, Mondernist Pagoda of Beauty...


A Really FAT pigeon

London's Most Fragrant Public WCs

The Elephant with a Castle...

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Drop us an E-meither


Good evening everyone! This afternoon George and I put the final touches to this weeks episode and it should (hopefully) be online tonight. Just thought I'd let you know there's now an official London Village Show email address; drop us a line and we'll chat about you next week maybe. D

Kaar Kaar Mr. Cunning Crow


You know, as I look out over the roof tops from my humble abode, I see me a Mr. Crow across the way, oh now -for the life of a crow. Mr. Crow you are so cunning, scientists saw you making and using tools to get food, it's only a matter of time before you start wearing digital watches. National Geographic seems endorse this opinion, they claim you are just as intelligent as any Great Ape.

Above all birdy friend, you can fly and that must be ace. You got all us humans running around after you worrying about cleaner air standards in London, just for you Mr. Crow. Being a clever bugger, you have chosen to live in South London near me. Perhaps the greatest endorsement of you intelligence. Posted by Picasa



Good afternoon readers, My first post, my first podcast, thought you'd like to know my fellow broadcaster George and I will be meeting up this Wednesday evening (apparently) to put the finishing (and indeed opening) touches to the first podcast proper. D

Matters Arising


It's Sunday night, and I'm listening to Jett Low's Letter to America, (a Podcast the London Village Show would be proud to be called a rip off of) and mulling. I mull on the news that the London Village Show has more that one listener. If your not a listener why not subscribe today, see the links on the right hand side. ENOUGH, of the shameless self promotion.

New site toys, the frappr map! If you want, add yourself to the map and tell the world that you listen to the LVS and where you listen from. Remember le geek, c'est chic; it's a whole new world of fun, embrace it.

If you listened to the Overture to the London Village Show, hang in there, we're going to do a more, less introspective, show next week; it's going the beginning of great things. Also, I have been working on my radio voice, and now after hours of 'how now brown cow' it's less gay.


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