It's all about the love here on the London Village Show. Things big and small. Londoner's london, podcasting from depths of Elephant and Castle, We find out what going down with the kids, and we're up with all the culture voltures too. Global friends come find out what london living all about..

about me


no one cares - but here we are.

-I have no fucking emails.
-I'm free to those who can afford it, very expensive to those who can't.
-I am a procrastinator
-I have no inner dialogue, which is unfortunate because not all my thoughts make sense and sometimes I over share.
- I encourage dissent, unless it affects me in some way
- When I get drunk I either fall asleep or do twatish things
- I dare to care.
- I have only been in love twice, and seemingly always choose the wrong person
- I will try anything twice, just to make sure.
- I sing quite a lot, but know few lyrics
- I have been called a neurotic, sex attacker, stalker, and immature, however, I can't remember a single compliment. It's not in my nature
- I love women who KNOW, but hate it when they are right and I am wrong.
- I cannot cook, drink and chat at the same time. I deeply respect those who can.
- I am not gay, though sometimes the idea is attractive. But it's less about the love of men and more about the hatred of women.
- I respect anyone with an opinion they can argue about for longer than 10 minutes.
- I distrust anyone who uses the Latin in casual conversation
- I don't want to grow up.
- Once I start a project, paper, problem, relationship, I find it very hard to put it down and stop, even if it a lost cause.
- I think the world is a rational place, and people are rational actors, but rational is relative to the actor.
- I can't spell
- I find it hard to let people down or say no, which often results in me doing things that I don't want to do.
- I have an unnatural attraction for Clerks II.
- I hate being alone, but can't stand other people, so I listen to a lot of radio 4
- Mainly the world is a shitty place, but that is okay because I choose to ignore it most of the time.
- I would rather be happy than right.
- It has to be raw to be real, I hate people trying to elevate the human condition in art, theatre and literature and then denying its not basically about sex, love, lust, or jealously.
- I get worried when people use long words that I don't understand in conversations with me.
- I hate getting out of bed.
- I like to snuggle and I will spoon anything.
- I want to be a real man, but they don't feel emotions, so I can't.
-I miss my friends terribly when I am overseas, but then fail to talk to them when we are both in the same country.
- I deeply resent people who claim to be happy.
- I deeply resent people who claim to know what they are doing with their lives.
- I forgive people too easily.
- I hate people who work in recruitment, slavery or C and H Fabrics
- London is the centre of the universe.

You Can Never Win



What would Cassy Spooner Do?

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