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How Cold is it in Montana?


This is Montana and isn't it nice? How cold is it in Montana? Probably cold enough for you to dig out the skis and drive to the mountains of a weekend. We should all move there, that much is clear.

It's Lewis and Clarke country, big sky and lots of empty space. Lots of real cowboys and a few Indians. That's why here at the London Village show we found - right here and now - the inverse twinning scheme. London and Montana - Bozeman Montana.

It works like this - we twin cities with inverse relationships. London for example is crowded and cramped. Bozeman Montana big and spacious. London is mostly flat, Montana has the Rockies Mountains. The relationship continues, it's obvious, why did no one spot this before?

It would do Londoners a wealth of good to get out to a place that resembled in no way shape or form London. There is no point in traveling if you holiday to a conventionally twined town which would offer little verity in experience. Difference is what it's all about. Travel broadening the mind and all that.

Now difference is simple with the inverse twinning scheme in place, there can now only be one logical destination. Bozeman Montana. The complete holiday, nothing could remind the Londoner of London in Montana (these thoughts disturbing and interrupting the hard earned period of rest). The same would be true of any native Bozemanite in London.

genius. Posted by Picasa

Go Frapp yourself


If you ever listen to the podcast, and to be honest that about the only thing of interest to anyone on this site, you will know Dan and I always bang on about the Frappr map. Modern technology is such that we know a whole heap load of you come to the site, a tiny pinch of that heap of sign up to the Frappr map. That is sad. Your life will be enriched if you sign up. Honest.

In fact, so sure am I that you do want to sign up, the only thing stopping you can have been the lack of technical know how. It's easy click on that link below.

picking up pace


Look it's me in a racing car. Technology; amazing isn't it? Through the power of the interweb we all 'go west' together. faster and faster, it's a whole new world. The facebook group is growing.. i just can't wait for the next edifying installment. it's picking up pace. goodness me. Posted by Picasa

the sixth and first in one


it's all about the love as jett loe would say... in this edifying episode more of that. It's not about much, more about London and Facebook is motioned a lot. Elephant and Castle is researched so you don't have to. Let the love live on in the London Village Show

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guess who back, back again?


Thanks for waiting around... It may well all prove to be just about worthwhile, the next chapter coming soon.Dear people of the internet world. School has started again and i am back in sunny London. The village show will continue later this week, brace your ipods, this ones going to rock your socks off. I have become a changed man. Posted by Picasa

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