It's all about the love here on the London Village Show. Things big and small. Londoner's london, podcasting from depths of Elephant and Castle, We find out what going down with the kids, and we're up with all the culture voltures too. Global friends come find out what london living all about..

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GodTube has arrived,

I love a good christian, but sometimes i think the lions had it just about right... What sort of a bonker could extrapolate the existence of an omnipotent lord creator of the universe from a banana? This man does. I'm not against the idea of a god, i am against smug bastards, he is so secure in the knowledge that god exists that he has forgotten the importance when prophesying of not sounding like the type of smug git that would actively deter you from the whole idea of Christianity.

Yes have god, yes have the Internet, but no, don't do the two together. The Internet is for enlightenment thinkers, people who see the answers in science and further expanding human knowledge (and porn). Not god. Don't force him upon me, especially by some gimp smugmyster jim on my Internet.

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